What did I get myself into?!

I agreed to host Thanksgiving for my husband’s rather large family this year. At the time it made sense, we have a nice new home to share, it would be easier to not have to drive over the snowy mountains with Benjamin and I could just do it the Hogan way. Meaning Stove Top Stuffing, Costco Pies and canned cranberries.

It didn’t sound so hard. But then I had to go and glance at Thanksgiving pictures from last year with my family:

My family has made me jaded….everything has to be homemade. I don’t mind if it’s not homemade at other peoples house….but this is my first Thanksgiving hosting…in my home. I bought gold chargers for this event when I was 19….I’ve thought about this event for a while.

So I have convinced my husband I can do it…with support.

Here is the schedule I keep repeating over and over in my head to reassure myself I can do this.


12:00 -Come home from work early (leave Benji at daycare) and make rolls.

3:00- Pick up Benjamin and at bedtime make pies and cranberries.


Hand over Turkey and gravy duties to Kollin’s mom, along with the stuffing recipe.

Kollin’s sister can peel potatoes….thank you Kerry!

Kollin will learn how to make sweet potatoes…I think he can, I think he can!

Give green bean and corn responsibilities to someone offering to help, hopefully someone will ask.

All I have to do is whip the potatoes.

Doesn’t sound so bad. Still have figured out when to clean and decorate….hmmm…Tuesday?

To be continued….

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you as much of a perfectionist as me? Or will you be able to relax on Thursday?

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