Best Christmas Morning Ever

Christmas was a very simple, yet lovely day. Both of my boys slept in which gave me a chance to make cinnamon rolls….yummm! I also had a moment of peace and quiet in front of our tree. That was delightful because I learned this year there is no peace and quiet during the holidays when you have a one year old. This was probably the only year of Benjamin’s life that we will have to wake him up on Christmas morning. He slept ’til 10. He was so tired from staying up until 8:30 for Christmas Eve Service (8:30, I know, we are party animals). I’m sure in the future we will be the ones getting woken up.

We started the morning with those little party favors with a tiny toy and tissue paper crowns. Benjamin got paper dominos and was satisfied, we kept trying to show him his other gifts, but he kept going back to the dominos.


Since there is a second child on the way, and we are well aware that we will not have any money with two kids in diapers and me only working 2/3 of the school year next year. So we would give each other our  “one day” splurge gifts, before it was too late. Kollin finally got his flat screen TV that he has been talking about getting since we got married. And I got a totally awesome, rad camera…the Nikon DX 3200. Let’s just say my pictures are going to start looking a lot better.

After presents we had breakfast, cinnamon rolls made from scratch (none of that Pillsbury nonsense), sausage and eggs. After Benjamin went down for his nap I made pies for Christmas dinner and Kollin played with his new toy, with the traditional A Christmas Story playing in the background.


Kollin with his new toy. He may not look that excited, oh but he was.


I did not take a beautiful picture holding my new camera, instead I’ll show you the first picture I took. Isn’t the quality awesome?! The subject is pretty great too.

We headed to my parents where my three sweet nieces pranced around the house in their gold dresses and we chased after Benjamin. Dinner was delicious and present time was a wild. I remember before there were any kids when we all just stared at each other , wishing for more excitement, well now we have it. Pure chaos and joy all wrapped up together.

Our family is really growing. There were two more stockings on the floor that you can’t see. Not sure what my mom will do next year with two more babies on the way.
My parents beautiful tree.

Benjamin’s lovely cousins. 
 Truly, the girls were prancing around like fairies.


Merry Christmas!

First Birthday

The funny thing about a child’s first birthday is that they don’t really care. Benjamin wouldn’t have even noticed if we had just let his birthday pass on by. The first birthdays are really for the parents, it’s all about getting the right photo so you can one day look back and say “look Benjamin that was you on your first birthday.” I may sound cynical, but I know every parent wants to make it just right for their child, which of course we worked to do the same for Benjamin.

 There were a few things we learned on his birthday:

1.) Envelopes and receipts make much more exciting gifts .

2.) Don’t sing to the birthday boy if you don’t want him to cry .

3.) Sweaters are too hot for an active one year old on his birthday .

4.) Not all babies like to dig into the cake. Some need to be spoon fed (yes, our child is a bit spoiled).

We tried to keep the party simple with family only and a spaghetti dinner, and yet my version of simple can still mean complicated.

We ordered a cake from out favorite bakery, Corina Bakery. We had our wedding cakes done there and go there for every birthday, anniversary, engagaversary and every other excuse we use to celebrate. They have always done beautiful cakes and the one they made was awesome, but it looked like it was for Benjamin’s 16th birthday (I did a lousy job communicating what I wanted). In my pregnant irrational state I begged my husband to go back and ask them to change it to look sweet and Christmasy. They were so gracious and fixed the cake. It was perfect. That’s one of the reasons we love them so much.

Here is the beautiful cake. Benjamin loves his cars.IMG_0432

This was my slightly failed decoration idea. Half the idea was my own, half was from Pinterest. Pinterest had the idea of displaying a picture from each month of the first year. I thought to put it the photos in Christmas balls. However, it was hard to get the pictures to fit and the backsides didn’t look super since it was just the back of a picture, hence the compensating green B’s. Adding glitter to the bottom of the balls and painting the red numbers really brought them to life. Even though they didn’t turn out exactly how I thought they would they looked really good hanging off the chandelier over the birthday cake.


Benjamin’s cousins worked really hard to get him excited about his presents, he still crawled away twice with receipts and birthday cards in tow.IMG_0454

One day Benjamin will love his wagon, but for now at least his cousin Perla liked it. Thank you Mimi and Boppa!


Not sure what to think when the cake is lit on fire and everyone is staring at you and singing loud.IMG_0475

So sweet, sharing his cake withDada.IMG_0482

The cake was the biggest hit of the party. I’m sure he was wondering why we have been holding out for so long.IMG_0489

Unexpecting the expected

If you are one of my 4 followers (not including my mom) you may have noticed I have failed to post much of anything. I have 3 new posts started, but not finished. Trying to keep a blog while teaching and being a mother seems nearly impossible. During the day my energy is given to 23 2nd graders. When I get home I am chasing a very active 1 year old. By evening I am falling asleep on the couch while watching The Office.  I hope to regain my energy soon so I can write in the evenings during the next few months. Thankfully I am blessed with 2 1/2 blissful weeks at home.

So here is what you can expect from me:

1.) A Thanksgiving Review (I’m sure you are all dying to know if I survived)

2.) Benjamin’s First Birthday

3.) My attempt to be crafty for Benjamin’s birthday

4.) Random thoughts (maybe insightful, maybe not)

5.) More details and insights on the news I am about to reveal….say what?!?!?!?!

Okay, so that is right, we are unexpectedly expecting.


We were as surprised as all of our family and friends. God reminded us that we aren’t REALLY in control of our plans, even though we think we are. We were a little freaked out at first, thinking about having an 18 month old and a newborn at the same time. My first thought was trying to figure how I would get the both of them in the car by myself. But now we are so thrilled we wouldn’t want it any other way.