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On friday my most favorite bloggers came to Tacoma. You may or may not have heard of them. Sherry and John Petersik of Young House Love. They are the ultimate DIYers and they came to Tacoma, of all places, to promote their book at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show. I discovered them last year when we were house shopping and I googled how to make your own curtains. My life has changed ever since then. They have so many great tips on how to enhance and organize your house. I have yet to try very many ideas, but they are on the back burner. Anyway, it was a very thrilling. I would put my excitement up their with getting to watch a taping of Friends in college.

They spoke for about an hour. They had some great insights, even my mom was interested (she had never heard of them). We stood in line for an hour to meet them. It was totally worth it. When I met them I had nothing of importance to say to them since it’s kind of awkward to know so much about them and them know nothing about me. I said something very awkward and got my picture with them. Let’s just say, it made my friday.




It’s a…..

It’s a… That’s right, we had the ultrasound today. However, we (I) still don’t know what we are having. The card with the words “boy” or “girl” is sitting in my purse waiting for my eyes. Not sure when I will look, maybe in 4 minutes, maybe in 4 weeks or ¬†maybe 4 months.

My family has no faith in me, they think Kollin will know what we are having by the end of the week. Apparently I wear my heart on my sleeve and can’t keep a secret. I know it will be hard, but the idea of not knowing this time seems harder. Either way, knowing only matters to me. You, my readers don’t get to know…just me. Sorry!

I can tell you this. Our baby is healthy (always a good thing), is a thumbsucker, and is apparently on the shorter side (as opposed to our giant baby boy).


Introducing Baby Hogan! What do you think it is? Boy? Girl? The next president?

I love Home Goods!

Have I mentioned that I love Home Goods? As I have said in my last two blogs, January is sad, it’s a sad, sad month. Whenever the Christmas decor comes down I feel the need to paint and redecorate the entire house. The Today Show was talking about home decor trends the other day, and I thought that was crazy to try and redecorate your whole home to frequently keep up the with trends, riiiidiculous. So instead I have a simpler way to redecorate and liven up your home.

My sister and I took a trip up to the Home Goods to find a few home accents to cheer our houses up a bit. Home Goods is great because it is affordable and carries lots of different styles. You can also go to T.J Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross.

I found these 5 lovely pieces.


This sparkly green treasure was only $9.99. It would have been at least $40 at an antique store. It caught my eye the minute we walked into the store. My sister convinced me to snatch it up right away with it being the only one left and the fact she would take it if I didn’t.


I love this pink vintage picture frame. I already have a happy little picture in it. Only $6.99!


I can already see this pillow on our couch with a collection of DIY pillows I am currently making. Just $14.99….I must say, as I have been looking for new pillows, it is HARD to find a pillow that cheap.


It is difficult to find an affordable 8×10 picture frame. This guy was only $7.99. I think our bedroom needs this frame.


Okay, so here is where I dropped a little more ca-ching than I had planned. But seriously, it was only $189. I really think it would range from $400-$600 at some un-name home decor stores I adore, yet can’t afford.


I know I haven’t shown you how I’ve used these items yet, but they are still a work in progress. There are decisions to be made and projects to be done. Stay tuned!

Paper Hearts


It’s been two weeks since the Christmas decorations have come down. Our house feels sad, it always feels sad in January. I think it’s the darkness of the Northwest and the absence of twinkle lights. My family always yearns for February. The sun tends to make more appearances and red and pink hearts start to show up around the house. I decided that the hearts might need to arrive early this year. I made my own decorations with a little inspiration from pinterest (see pin here),¬†with a little bit of my own spin.

Here is my “Bring you out of your January Blues” Heart Garland. You like?


It really was very simple. Here is my “Paper Heart Garland How to.”


Here are the supplies you will need:

– Colored paper of your choice

– Scissors

– Tape (double sided if you wish)

– Needle and thread

– Pen or pencil


Cut you paper into one inch wide strips. It does not need to be perfect if you can’t cut a straight line like me. I cut 18 strips for 18 hearts. Depending on how long you want your garland depends on how many hearts you need. I cut 17 red and 1 pink just to give it some extra sass. You could even do multi-colored….ooooh.


Fold the strip of paper in half.


Curl one half of the paper ALMOST into the middle with a pencil.


Curl the other half ALMOST into the middle.


Tape the middle pieces together.


And…..Voila! I forgot to take pictures on how to put the garland together, but it’s pretty easy. Thread the needle throughout the top half of the heart. I was surprised, the needle goes through really easy. You can change it up based on what you want your garland to look like. I considered some other ideas like hanging them individually in the window for from the chandelier, spacing each heart out on the garland or making multiple vertical garlands.



It definitely brings some cheer to our kitchen on these cold, dark January days. What do you do to bring cheer to your house in January? Do you put up any special/cheesy decorations for Valentine’s Day?

p.s. This DIY project was totally free, as long as you have all of the simple supplies at home.

Hubby’s Birthday!

Kollin had his birthday this last week. It wasn’t exactly the most exciting birthday, but we tried to celebrate despite the circumstances…and there were a lot of circumstances. We had and sick child, which we entail we were also sick. It was (and still is) January, which is probably the saddest month of the year. Sorry Kollin, but it is, it’s cold, dark, and the high of Christmas has faded away. Then to top off the cold and illness, the Seahawks suffered a very tragic loss in the second round of the playoffs, despite an amazing comeback. In spite of all of that we got to celebrate a wonderful guy, whom I love very much.

Saturday, Kollin’s siblings+family came over to hangout/celebrate. We watched football, played games and ate food. Nothing wrong with that, and being with family gives Kollin the most joy.

Check out his cake designed by your’s truly, well kind of, I had help. I got it at our favorite place Corina’s Bakery. I found the picture online from It’s Jack Benny. If you are like me and don’t get the significance, Jack Benny always said he was 39….and it’s was Kollin’s 39th birthday.



Kollin doing his Jack Benny pose right before we sang our quiet rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Benjamin was already asleep so we basically whispered the song.


Sunday we stayed home from church since we both felt so lousy. Kollin opened his presents. We watched the Seahawks…that was a downer, Kollin was very quiet for a while, that is one birthday present I couldn’t deliver on. My parents came for a short visit and picked up some KFC for Kollin’s “ideal” dinner (I never let him have it, so he was rather content). We ended our evening watching the Golden Globes, luckily Daniel Day Lewis won for Lincoln. At least someone we were rooting for won. Hopefully next year I can do much better for the BIG 4-0.

I got Kollin an I-pod (his first) and season 1 of Hogan’s Heroes. Notice the cup of tea and tissue box in the picture. That really summed up his birthday weekend.

Challenge accepted…

My whole life I have planned to wait to find out the sex of my babies. Even as a kid I always knew I wanted to be surprised. It’s like waiting until Christmas morning to find out what is under the Christmas tree. I’m not saying peeking at your presents isn’t exciting, because I myself was guilty of peeking at my gifts in my parent’s closet. But finding out if we are having a boy or girl the moment you get to meet that person is so thrilling. We waited to find out when Benjamin was born and when Kollin said “it’s a boy”, the emotional rush was crazy. So of course I knew I wanted to do the same thing with our next baby. I was convinced being surprised was the only way to go.

But…..(of course there’s a but) the funny thing about surprises is that you can’t plan them. Back in October we got a surprise we did not plan on. We like to say we are unexpectedly expecting. When you have a nine month old, you are not exactly thinking about the next baby. But now that the baby is here (well kind of here) we wouldn’t have planned it any other way.

I feel like we got our surprise. So now (as least for this baby) I don’t feel the need for anymore surprises. I feel the need to know. In June we will have an 18 month old and a newborn….WHOA! I would like to feel somewhat prepared. However Kollin still wants the thrill of the surprise. We came to an agreement that I can find out, but I can’t tell Kollin….or anyone else, not my mom, my sister, or the nosy grocery store checker. I wan’t sure if I could keep a secret like that for 20 weeks. But I love the idea of having a little secret and being the only one who knows. I am the only one who carries this little one, so the idea of sharing that between me and the baby sounds lovely.

In the words of Barney Stinson…”Challenge accepted”….after January 22nd I will know if we are having a boy or a girl. Not another soul will know (well except God and the ultra sound technician). It will still be a surprise to Kollin, our family and friends, and you, my 10 followers.

Stay tuned to find out if I can avoid spilling the beans.