Hubby’s Birthday!

Kollin had his birthday this last week. It wasn’t exactly the most exciting birthday, but we tried to celebrate despite the circumstances…and there were a lot of circumstances. We had and sick child, which we entail we were also sick. It was (and still is) January, which is probably the saddest month of the year. Sorry Kollin, but it is, it’s cold, dark, and the high of Christmas has faded away. Then to top off the cold and illness, the Seahawks suffered a very tragic loss in the second round of the playoffs, despite an amazing comeback. In spite of all of that we got to celebrate a wonderful guy, whom I love very much.

Saturday, Kollin’s siblings+family came over to hangout/celebrate. We watched football, played games and ate food. Nothing wrong with that, and being with family gives Kollin the most joy.

Check out his cake designed by your’s truly, well kind of, I had help. I got it at our favorite place Corina’s Bakery. I found the picture online from It’s Jack Benny. If you are like me and don’t get the significance, Jack Benny always said he was 39….and it’s was Kollin’s 39th birthday.



Kollin doing his Jack Benny pose right before we sang our quiet rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Benjamin was already asleep so we basically whispered the song.


Sunday we stayed home from church since we both felt so lousy. Kollin opened his presents. We watched the Seahawks…that was a downer, Kollin was very quiet for a while, that is one birthday present I couldn’t deliver on. My parents came for a short visit and picked up some KFC for Kollin’s “ideal” dinner (I never let him have it, so he was rather content). We ended our evening watching the Golden Globes, luckily Daniel Day Lewis won for Lincoln. At least someone we were rooting for won. Hopefully next year I can do much better for the BIG 4-0.

I got Kollin an I-pod (his first) and season 1 of Hogan’s Heroes. Notice the cup of tea and tissue box in the picture. That really summed up his birthday weekend.

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