It’s a…..

It’s a… That’s right, we had the ultrasound today. However, we (I) still don’t know what we are having. The card with the words “boy” or “girl” is sitting in my purse waiting for my eyes. Not sure when I will look, maybe in 4 minutes, maybe in 4 weeks or  maybe 4 months.

My family has no faith in me, they think Kollin will know what we are having by the end of the week. Apparently I wear my heart on my sleeve and can’t keep a secret. I know it will be hard, but the idea of not knowing this time seems harder. Either way, knowing only matters to me. You, my readers don’t get to know…just me. Sorry!

I can tell you this. Our baby is healthy (always a good thing), is a thumbsucker, and is apparently on the shorter side (as opposed to our giant baby boy).


Introducing Baby Hogan! What do you think it is? Boy? Girl? The next president?

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