Young House Nerd

On friday my most favorite bloggers came to Tacoma. You may or may not have heard of them. Sherry and John Petersik of Young House Love. They are the ultimate DIYers and they came to Tacoma, of all places, to promote their book at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show. I discovered them last year when we were house shopping and I googled how to make your own curtains. My life has changed ever since then. They have so many great tips on how to enhance and organize your house. I have yet to try very many ideas, but they are on the back burner. Anyway, it was a very thrilling. I would put my excitement up their with getting to watch a taping of Friends in college.

They spoke for about an hour. They had some great insights, even my mom was interested (she had never heard of them). We stood in line for an hour to meet them. It was totally worth it. When I met them I had nothing of importance to say to them since it’s kind of awkward to know so much about them and them know nothing about me. I said something very awkward and got my picture with them. Let’s just say, it made my friday.




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