Craft Night at MoMo’s

A couple weeks ago my friend MoMo had a craft night at her house. She had an awesome supply of craft things, cards, paper, tools, fabric, sewing machine, etc. Her collection made my craft box of paper and glitter look very sad. There were lots of Valentine cards being made. They definitely put my one card to shame, so I decided to play around with the fabric once I finished Kollin’s Valentine card.

Here is the card I made for Kollin. I thought it was fitting for our growing family. I also thought this would be great card to give/make for your husband to tell him you are pregnant, whether or not it’s Valentine’s Day. I wish I would have thought of this earlier, although I can’t keep a secret (excluding baby’s gender) long enough to make a card.


I saw some sweet little blue felt hearts on Pinterest, so I was really wanting to make some of my own fuzzy hearts. It was like MoMo read my mind, because she picked felt up at Artco that morning. I used some doilies and cut them up to beautify the hearts. You may notice some sloppy stitching. I haven’t touched a sewing machine for 5 years. They’re still pretty sweet despite the amateur seams.



The last thing I made was a quick craft. I felt the need to go home with 3 crafts, 2 didn’t seem even, though 2 is the even number. I used some of the doilies, yarn and crocheted hearts one of the girls was nice enough to share. Not sure what I am going to do with the flower. I might attach it to a crocheted winter headband I haven’t made yet. We’ll see, for now it goes in the unfinished box.


MoMo suggested making this a seasonal event. I loved that idea and am waiting for her spring/Easter craft night invitation. Next time I will take pictures of the other fantastical crafts people make.

Keeping a Secret is No Picnic

It has been 4 weeks since my ultra sound. And 4 weeks since I found out what kind of baby we are having. “Kind of baby” ….sounds funny, as if the baby is a car. Anyway, it took me about 4 minutes to look at the card after I finished writing the ultra sound post. I currently can’t wait for any news. I am all about the spoilers. After the premier of The Bachelor I searched the internet to find out which girl he had chosen. During the Golden Globes I looked up all of the winners before it even started (West Coast Time!). I wished I could have known the spoiler for the Super Bowl, I really didn’t want to see those 49ers win the championship. I’m shocked I didn’t look up the spoiler to Downton Abbey, which I should have, I would have liked to be prepared for the bombshells they dropped on us. The point is, I can’t handle surprises. I needed to know what we were having. So I looked.

Within a few days I regretted finding out. I didn’t realize I would be on an island. I can’t tell anyone….NOT. A. SOUL. It doesn’t bother me that I can’t tell most people, but it’s really hard not to share it with Kollin, my husband. Whenever I have a thought about what it’s going to be like, I can’t say anything. I have had to catch myself so many times when thoughts of the future ¬†enter my mind. Plus, I tell my husband everything, and this is a major secret to keep from him.

People keep asking if I have accidentally dropped the pronoun. I have only made that mistake once. I dropped the pronoun in front of a student, luckily he is a second grade boy who only hears about 65% of what I say.

I also bought something for the baby at a store and the lady who sold the item to me said, “oh, so you are having a little………” I had to tell her immediately it was hush hush and if she saw me with my husband or a friend in the store with me that she shouldn’t say anything. Although, I wanted to sit down with her and share all of the thoughts I’ve had the past month, that I’ve wanted to tell Kollin. I was relieved to tell someone. Unfortunately, she may have thought I was crazy if I became an over sharer.

The other reason I will never do this again is everyone else, analyzing every word I say about the baby. They keep waiting for me to slip, however everything I say about the gender is hypothetical. But they are insistent I’ve messed up and given something away. Sometimes I feel like I am in an interrogation room under a hot light. But it’s safe to say I am sure I haven’t slipped. I am aware of every word that comes out of my mouth. It’s a bit irritating. I could be talking about the weather or Downton Abbey (second reference) and I still have a wall up in the back of my head reminding me not to drop the pronoun or just blurt out the gender.

So far, so good. I have managed to keep the secret. But I will never, ever do this again. Keep you posted. However, the way things are going you probably won’t get to find out the sex until June…sorry!

…and 29 I shall forever stay

Ground Hog Day…Saturday…was also my 29th birthday. Not sure how I feel about it. I have 360 days left in my twenties and it’s all over. This decade of my life went way too fast. It makes me think my thirties will go by even faster. Anyway, enough whining, I’ll put the violin away. I still had a really good birthday, my family is good to me.

Kollin went out and got Pao’s Doughnuts. It’s the 3rd best doughnut next to House of Donuts in Lakewood and Lafeen’s in Bellingham.


I ran out to Goodwill with $20 in my pocket to do the Young House Love Macklemore Challenge, see future post (it will make more sense soon). My sister and I escaped to a movie during nap time. Silver Linings Playbook…good movie, but not exactly a perky birthday movie.


We went to my sister’s house to celebrate my birthday. Family birthdays consist of good food, tired adults, little girls running around, and the most delicious cake in the world.

Benjamin decided he would try fettucini, salad and olives for the first time. Of course, he liked it best when eaten off of my plate. He liked it so much he decided to save some for later.


A princess and a tiny fairy helped me open my gifts. How many people have princesses and fairies at their birthday? Okay, maybe 7 year old girls.


And to save best for last…the cake. I have to say Kollin upstaged me for cake ideas, but I don’t care, it was so awesome. As cool as it was, it was also a bit embarrassing. If you have read prior posts you may know about my borderline obsession with Young House Love. It’s not an obsession per say, they have just become a great resource to home ownership and parenthood. Anyway, back to the cake….Kollin had their book made into a cake with some slight changes. He had help from our favorite cake maker, Stephanie, at Corina Bakery. Not sure how I am going to top this next year.


Comparing the book and the cake side by side….their’s is more interesting, but mine was much tastier.



p.s. That is a picture of me in my “I was Born on Groundhog Day” shirt. I wear it proud!