Craft Night at MoMo’s

A couple weeks ago my friend MoMo had a craft night at her house. She had an awesome supply of craft things, cards, paper, tools, fabric, sewing machine, etc. Her collection made my craft box of paper and glitter look very sad. There were lots of Valentine cards being made. They definitely put my one card to shame, so I decided to play around with the fabric once I finished Kollin’s Valentine card.

Here is the card I made for Kollin. I thought it was fitting for our growing family. I also thought this would be great card to give/make for your husband to tell him you are pregnant, whether or not it’s Valentine’s Day. I wish I would have thought of this earlier, although I can’t keep a secret (excluding baby’s gender) long enough to make a card.


I saw some sweet little blue felt hearts on Pinterest, so I was really wanting to make some of my own fuzzy hearts. It was like MoMo read my mind, because she picked felt up at Artco that morning. I used some doilies and cut them up to beautify the hearts. You may notice some sloppy stitching. I haven’t touched a sewing machine for 5 years. They’re still pretty sweet despite the amateur seams.



The last thing I made was a quick craft. I felt the need to go home with 3 crafts, 2 didn’t seem even, though 2 is the even number. I used some of the doilies, yarn and crocheted hearts one of the girls was nice enough to share. Not sure what I am going to do with the flower. I might attach it to a crocheted winter headband I haven’t made yet. We’ll see, for now it goes in the unfinished box.


MoMo suggested making this a seasonal event. I loved that idea and am waiting for her spring/Easter craft night invitation. Next time I will take pictures of the other fantastical crafts people make.

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