5 Things People Never Tell You About Second Pregnancy

When I was pregnant for the first time there were so many questions. Is this normal? What is happening? Why is my body doing that? I was constantly calling my sister or the triage nurses to make sure what I was experiencing was normal. It was. When you become pregnant for the second time you assume you know everything and you are an expert……there won’t be any questions. WRONG! A lot of the things your body does the first time are common knowledge. However, people don’t talk about what your body does the second time. I am here to share with you what I have learned during this second pregnancy.

1. Second Pregnancy is Harder: In your first pregnancy you are really tired, especially during the first trimester. The beauty of the first was it was your first. There are no other kids at home. When you leave work and go home you can sit back on the couch, watch Ellen and take a nap. Second pregnancy you have a toddler demanding constant attention. When I get home from work it’s either playing with cars, changing diapers, swimming lessons, and chasing around a little one. There is no rest until bedtime has begun and our dinner has been made. First pregnancy exhaustion is nothing compared to second pregnancy exhaustion.

2. Your Bladder is Even Weaker: Yes, yes, I know, TMI. But seriously….ladies…it’s no joke. At least you had some muscle control during your first pregnancy, but that baby destroyed them on his or her entrance into the world. All I am saying is be on call during fits of laughter, sneezes and drinking big glasses of water.

3. Baby Kicks are Less Cute and More Painful: I’m not sure why, could be the absence of abdominal muscles and the stretched out womb, but baby’s kicks HURT! Sometimes I worry this baby doesn’t like me, many of this baby’s moves stop me in my tracks.

4. The Anticipation of Labor is Worse: It was nice to go into labor blindly the first time….fearful, but not sure why. However, this time I remember what it felt like….ugh. This could depend on what your labor was like the first time. My labor was not your textbook labor, to say the least. The pain was more intense due to induction and my racing heart gave them quite a scare. I am much more nervous about this labor than the last.

5. It’s Harder to Stay Fit: I tried to keep up on exercise during my first pregnancy. Running: first trimester, Elliptical: second trimester, Swimming: third trimester. As I said earlier, the second pregnancy is more exhausting when you have a toddler, so if there is a moment to sit down it’s harder to get off your tush and work it out.

I don’t want to make the second pregnancy out as being all that terrible. You have the excitement of a new baby arriving soon. And what is even more wonderful is you know exactly how it feels when you first meet your new baby. There is nothing better than the raw emotion of the love and joy you feel for that child.