Wannabe Photographer

I don’t know if any of you DIYer, artsy fartsy, crafty people out there are like me, but I seem to have project A.D.D.  I can’t focus on one type of craft. I have gone from making floral pillows in high school, painting furniture in college, to making vintage cake stands when I got married, along with a variety many other random projects to occupy my time along the way.

Since I currently lack time and money to paint and redecorate our house, I have found a new interest (borderline passion) to scratch my creative itch.

A woman from my church invited me and Gilbert to model for some photographers at a convention in Tacoma. I really had know idea what I was getting into, but was pleasantly surprised at what I found. I imagined it would be a huge convention with lots of moms. But when I got there, there were only 5 other moms with their babies. And the convention consisted of 15 students in Me Ra Koh’s CONFIDENCE workshop. In the little time I was there, I was instantly drawn in, wishing I was in the class. I really wanted to be on the other side of the camera, learning and playing with my camera. The class was a of group of women learning how to use their cameras to take the best, most beautiful pictures. Since I got my fancy shmancy camera last Christmas I have been using my camera on auto, point and shoot. I have loved taking pictures with it, but I knew my camera could do so much more. I just didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Since Saturday I have been studying my camera’s manual, reading photography blogs and watching Me Ra Koh’s YouTube videos. I am learning how to play with light, adjust the ISO and the aperture. Still trying to figure out the shutter. It’s nice actually know what all of the buttons are for…who knew.

With all that said, I have decided I want to improve (or enhance) my photography skills, or lack their of. I figure it’s the perfect hobby/project to take on, since I’m always taking pictures of my boys. I don’t have to wait for nap time or bedtime anymore. I can bring the kid world and creative world together. YESSSS!!!!

So, I thought I would share a few (okay….18) pictures I’ve taken over the last 5ish years.  Yes, they are not even close to amateur level but they are some of my prouder photographs. Keep in mind, most of the pictures are from a small point in shoot camera.

My dad blowing out his birthday candles with some help from my niece.


My sweet little studio apartment at Christmas time I, once upon a time, lived in.

New Years 2009 020

Two nuns walking through St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Italy 384

Looking down on St. Peter’s.

Italy 394

Two artists chatting it up in a Piazza in Rome (can’t remember the name of the piazza).

Italy 445

Hiking down into The Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon 224

My husband’s brother, sister in-law and nieces hiking on Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainier 024

My husband (when we were still dating) walking with his nephew on Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainier 065

On a cupcake date with my niece.

cupcakes and sidewalk chalk 001

My friend, one of the most photogenic people I know and the funniest (hence the fingers on the nose, weird).

seattle 011

The Happiest Place on Earth, enough said.

Disneyland 2011 131

Benjamin after a bath.


The first picture I took with my fancy shmancy camera.


My sweet nieces on Christmas day.


My brother and niece blowing out the candles on his birthday cake….I like birthdays.


Benjamin at his most favorite place in the world…..the water….or “waaaa.”


Gilbert on his second day of life and first ever bath.


My darling niece at the Puyallup Fair.


If you are an expert photographer and a photography critic, no need to ridicule. These are all my “wannabe” photographer pictures. I hope to slowing make improvements while I experiment and learn more about my camera. I will share them with you along the way. Maybe I will make it to Novice Photographer status. Here’s hoping my “project A.D.D.” and I don’t go looking for something else to do.

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