This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 1

Whoa….I know what your thinking. Yes, I, Emily have posted 2 blog posts within hours of each other. Typically my blog posts are weeks apart from one another. Since last weekend I have been taking pictures like crazy…fiddling with my camera, playing with the light, driving my children crazy with a camera in their face (I’ve backed off a bit). Now that I have shared my new interest. I thought I would share five photos from my week that I like the best and that sum up my week of this new “stay at home mom” life. So here goes, this was my week in 5 photos:

The beginning of the week I was so excited about playing with my camera, Gilbert and I had a photo shoot. This is one of my favorites; his tiny toes. Don’t pay any attention to the toe jam.


So Mr. Mister here is getting his molars, which means a very cranky boy who doesn’t nap well. This is one of his many naps where he woke up too early. After snuggling (which only happens when he doesn’t feel well) he walked around the house for 15 minutes with his blanket on his head. Funny boy!


I have been neglecting my garden since it started raining more, but I ventured out to pick some flowers for some company we were having.  This is one of the Dahlias that managed to avoid death by downpour.


This picture doesn’t say much, I just thought the lighting in the room at that time was pretty awesome. And I love walking around the house after nap to see the tracks of where Benjamin has been playing. We have been drawing a lot of A’s and Y’s for him since those are the two letters he can remember (thanks Elmo).


My in-laws stayed the night one night when they were passing through town. I like this picture of Gilbert and his Grandpa. They are both two very calm souls.


That is my week in 5 photos. If you were a part of my week and left out, don’t feel bad (Mom and Dad), just be glad I didn’t have the camera in your face. But thanks for the help with my teething boy.

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