October Travels

Every year my husband’s family takes a weekend fall trip somewhere. Four years ago when we were dating we sent to Seaside, OR with his family The weather was beautiful, we encouraged them to go back every year. We were so excited we found out we were going back. The Ocean in October can be beautiful. I was even more excited to take pictures. My poor children are currently the only subjects of my photography. Here, Kollin’s family and the beach could also be my subjects. So here is a rundown of our trip through pictures.

Benjamin reading with his cousin and Grandpa. Benjamin knew his grandpa liked to read. So before the trip he kept saying, “Papa…book.”


Benjamin’s first time on the ocean beach. It’s not often you get to swing on the beach.


Gilbert got much more cuddle time than beach time.


Family photo op.


Nephew’s off-roading it during our walk on the promenade.


They found a garter snake along the way. I hate snakes…the only thing Indiana Jones and I have in common.


Benjamin’s football hat was put to good use this weekend.


Our brother-law’s kids. I love this picture. It looks like an album cover.


One of our nieces getting a piggy back ride down the promenade.


Benjamin getting his own piggy back ride.


3 generations.


The family had a photo shoot. One of our nieces is a photographer. It’s not often you get a shot of the photographer since they hide behind the camera.


We lucked out that weekend. Sunshine and kites.


Pretty awesome view from the swing.


Father and son. I like to experiment shooting into the light.


Benjamin’s dream. He brought home a taxi cab.


Trying to be creative at the carousel. Benjamin wanted ride, but we didn’t have any money with us…next time.


Last night. Can’t believe this was the only sunset we caught.


Hope we can go back next year. Seaside in October is amazing.

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