Food is Power. Knowledge is Even More Power.

It’s currently midnight and I am up way passed my bedtime. But, if I tried to sleep right now I couldn’t. My mind is racing. It all began when my mom e-mailed me a link to a YouTube video about the dangers of foods with GMOs. The state of Washington is trying to pass a law that requires all food manufacturers to label whether or not their foods are genetically modified. It is a hot topic. I was already planning on voting for the bill to pass, but the video confirmed why I am voting “yes.” Here is the link if you are interested in watching it: No GMOs clip.

After watching it, I got all fired about about the food we as Americans consume. It is even more concerning to me now, since I am using that so called “food” to nourish my children. Within 20 minutes I was online joining The Smith Brothers delivery service for organic milk, yogurt, eggs and bread to be delivered weekly, 4 food items Benjamin eats a lot of.

Then I proceded to watch a documentary called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” on Netflix. It was a about two overweight men with the same painful disease who changed their lifestyle to eating pure, natural foods and the life changing positive impact it had on each of them.

It’s amazing to me that food is no longer food. It’s an addictive poison, much like a drug. And it’s on our grocery stores shelves, there for us to eat and feed to our children.

Then I started to think about my students and how when cupcakes are brought to school for a birthday, they. go. NUTS. Sugar makes our kids crrrrrraaaazzy. But the problem is, sugar is in everything, especially bread, which my child likes…..A LOT.

Benjamin is fastly approaching the terrible twos, however, he seems to be trying them out early. For the past month he has been hypersensitive, throwing tantrums and very irrational. We assumed it was teething, the need for more sleep or a growth spurt. But after tonight I started to wonder about the foods he eats, especially the bread. So right before going to bed I Googled, “does bread cause bad behavior in children?” The first article it took me to was an Australian study about an ingredient called calcium propionate that is used in many breads that has been known to make children act irrational and over-react in mundane situations. Which would describe Benjamin to a T this last month. I quickly ran down stairs to the fridge to check the ingredients and there it was, calcium propionate in our Oroweat bread. I have no proof that this is what is causing the tantrums (he is almost 2), but I wonder if it could be making things worse. So tomorrow we say goodbye to Oroweat and hunt for a natural bread. I will keep you posted about whether or not we see any changes.

I’m not really sure what the point of this post is. It is just a mish mash of my thoughts spinning around in my brain after an evening of thinking about food and I’m fired up and I want you to get fired up with me. Food is important. We use it to fuel or bodies and if we fuel our bodies with garbage that is full of chemicals rather than vitamins and nutrients what do we expect to get?





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