This Mama’s 2 Weeks in Photos: part 4 & 5

The last few weeks seemed to have blurred together. I got a little lazy about writing and taking pictures. Sick kiddos and vacation recovery have kept me away from my blog. But I’m back with 2 weeks of photos. Here ya go:

I felt like Benjamin wasn’t getting enough attention lately since Gilbert was becoming more active and requiring more attention. So I took him to the zoo, just the two of us. He was very happy to see pumpkins all over the zoo.


Now that Gilbert can roll over, it has changed Benjamin and Gilbert’s relationship. This was the first glimmer of them “playing” together. I love it.


For about a week Western Washington was bogged down by thick, depressing fog. But with the fog, we spotted all of the amazing spiderwebs outside of our house. After reading Charlotte’s Web for the 10th time, I am always in awe of spider’s unnoticed, beautiful, creations.


There is a glass blowing shop in Tacoma that creates and sells thousands of glass pumpkins every Saturday during the fall. The glass pumpkin patch travels to a different city each week. It is definite eye candy. I’ll admit, I had to add another to my collection. But really this is the last one…..


Benjamin got his first semi-major injury. He fell into a coffee table and his teeth almost went through his lower lip. Though it may have hurt me, more than it hurt him.


I finally got brave enough to play with the shutter on my camera. I’m amazed at how it changes the light in my pictures. Check out my sweet 5 month old.


There is a small toddler park by my parents house. One foggy day last week we went to visit my parents. Benjamin’s favorite thing was running back and forth under the monkey bars. It’s funny to see what this little guy enjoys.


My niece turned 5 last week. She had a Belle birthday party. I love this shot of the lingering smoke coming off the candles.


I had to add a second shot. I love seeing the 10 kids gathered around the birthday cake.


We carved Benjamin and Gilbert’s pumpkins  yesterday. Benjamin was amazed to find what was inside the pumpkins.


I’ll be back next weekend with more pictures.

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