First Time Maternity Shoot

Okay, that title makes it sound so professional. It was not. I was mess of confusion and inexperience.

Let me back track. So, I asked my friend Shelley if I could take some maternity pictures for her. I really want to practice using my camera more often, but I can only chase my boys around for so long. She agreed. Finally, models that will hold still longer than a second.

Thankfully, they were so patient with me and my unprofessionalism. I brought Gilbert along, which made for a bit of a distraction. Then, the light outside kept changing, causing me to constantly fiddle with the settings on my camera. I kept apologizing, worrying I was taking up their evening time and not do a very good job in the first place. But they were very gracious. Here are a few pictures, not great. The pictures I mean, they are adorable. I definitely need more practice.









I have many more. I thought I would share the better of the bunch. We are doing another photo shoot this Saturday to take advantage of the beautiful fall scenery. But we did this shoot to capture some sunshine, since it’s supposed to rain on Saturday…wah, wah.

I already have a list of things I will do different next time:

1. Stop saying “sorry” so much. Bad habit…sorry!

2. Put my camera on manual focus. I’ve been advised to use auto-focus, but I don’t feel like my pictures are as crisp when I do so.

3. Come with a plan. Scout out some great spots to take pictures and know what kind of poses I want to do.

4. Attempt to capture the natural, sometimes posing all the time can be to much.

5. Most importantly….not bring my baby with me this time. He is cute and all, but he makes it hard to focus.

I’m looking forward to it. I will share more if they turn out.

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