This Mama’s Halloween in 5 Photos: special edition

As a teacher, I usually despise Halloween. On Halloween, the kids are wound up and crazy, it’s impossible to accomplish anything. And the next day is worse, because they are tired and cranky from sugar and lack of sleep. This year was different, obviously, since I’m taking the year off. This isn’t Benjamin’s first Halloween, but it was the first that he was aware of. Everything was new, pumpkins on front porches, scooping out our pumpkin’s guts and kids dressed in funny costumes. It was hard to narrow down the day to 5 pictures but these are my favorite.

The biggest event was trick or treating in the Proctor District. There are people everywhere, but it’s fun to see all different costumes. I think my favorite was a family dressed like the Prince, the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella, they were adorable.

We ran into my sister and her family at the end of their trick or treating. Clearly something caught the eye of Benjamin and Perla.


We walked around with our friends Jessica and Dan and their two kids Owen and Evelyn. Owen was a fired breathing dragon and Evie was was a knight. Benjamin loves Owen…or Onna, to him.


Benjamin has a small obsession with candles, thankfully he is afraid to touch them. It was a wild idea to put candles in a pumpkin….wow!


Okay, now time to talk about the costumes. Thanks to Pinterest I got the idea of dressing Benjamin up as a football player and Gilbert a football. I figured this year was my only opportunity since this is the closest to football size Gilbert will every be. For Gilbert I used a brown onesie and white tape, cheap and easy. When we were outside he wore a football hat my friend Ashley crocheted for him.


It was hard to get a picture of the two together. Benjamin didn’t want to hold his brother, let alone hold still. And we had to leave for trick or treating right after nap. For his costume I used maxi-pads for shoulder pads and mascara for the face paint (I know, he’ll love hearing that when he’s 15). They were so cute it hurt.


I’m really not ready for cold, dark weather. But I’m excited to watch Benjamin experience the wonderment of Christmas.

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