First Family Photo Shoot: keeping me on my toes

On Sunday I did a last minute photo shoot for a friend/former co-worker, Meagan, and her family. They wanted to take advantage of the fall leaves and the leaves were on their way out with the big windstorm we had. So her husband sacrificed watching the Seahawks game live to do pictures on Sunday.

Meagan and Nic have two sweet, energetic boys. They definitely kept me on my toes. It was great preparation for what I have to look forward to, having two boys of my own.

Here is a sampling of the pictures we did yesterday:














What I learned doing this shoot:

1.) It’s hard photographing kids, but their spontaneity adds to the photo. I got some great shots of them jumping, making a kissy face while his parents kissed and smashing his face against his moms.

2.) I will apologize less if they have read my blog and know I say “sorry” too much.

3.) Photos taken on pavement have much better lighting that pictures on grass. I read that parking lot photos are best because the ground reflects the light, where as the grass absorbs the light. Now I know why our wedding photographer took us off the grass and into the parking lot. The problem is parking lots are not very pretty and parks are.

That’s all for now. Thanks for joining me on my journey.

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One thought on “First Family Photo Shoot: keeping me on my toes

  1. VERY creative and beautiful photography Em!! Beautiful park too! Spence never had senior pictures taken, we should have hired you 😦

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