Little Blue House

Yes, I know it’s not a photography post…whew…it’s nice to do something different. A few weeks ago I really needed to get out of the house. So, after Kollin got home I was off to the craft store. It was so nice to meander through a store and not worry about trying to get in and out to avoid a meltdown. I wanted to copy a glittery Christmas church I had seen at a store in Seaside, OR so I knew exactly what I was looking for. Before I knew it I found this great cardboard house already made…wahoo! So I grabbed some paint, glitter, small white trees and a wreath.


I made sure to paint the inside white so it can reflect the candle’s light I put in there. I just used a paint varnish on top of the paint so the glitter would stick. I also painted the trees and wreath green and doused them in glitter. Here is the house in the daylight.


For the bow, I tied up some pink ribbon I already had. I still need to make a bigger base so I can glue the trees on. Below is the house in the dark. Yes, I put a real candle in the house. Don’t do it! I just put it in their for the picture. I’m going to get one of those fake candles.


If you are interested, I got all the materials at Artco. I still want to make a church, but I would actually have to build it. We’ll see if that happens…

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