My First Baby Shower…as a hostess

Like I said in Saturday’s post, I hosted my first baby shower. Baby showers stress me out a little bit, because you have random people coming together that only have one connection, that can be awkward. There are also awkward games that involve eating things out of diapers, tasting baby food blindfolded, and guessing the size of the mother’s belly (which is embarrassing if you overestimate).

So I wanted to do my best to give my friend Shelley a nice baby shower with as little awkwardness as possible. Let’s face it, no matter what you do, showers are awkward. But I think on the awkward scale from 1-10, it probably only reached a 3 1/2 (I’m hopeful).

I thought I would share some pictures and ideas I had from the shower. Now, I must admit most, okay all, of my ideas are unoriginal. When it came to planning this shower, Pinterest was my best friend. But if you are seeing any of these ideas for the first time I’m glad I could share them with you.

To keep people busy we put out some diapers and sharpies for people to write messages to the dad for when he changes the babies diapers in the middle of the night. I didn’t get any pictures of the messages. But they were pretty funny .


For decorations I used a chalkboard I had made a while ago. And with the idea from pinterest wrote “Baby it’s Cold Outside.” It was fitting since it was so. cold. outside. We had record temperatures. It was accompanied by a sweet picture of the baby bump. Note the baby’s breath, need I explain the connection?


With another pinterest idea I hung the tissue balls and garland from the chandelier. I bought the tissue balls from Artco. A pack of three was about $12. I considered making my own, but I thought I would save myself the energy and they would look better than what I could do. And they did.


Here is another view of the table. Can you tell what she is having? Yep, it’s a sweet baby girl.


Another pinterest idea, small toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. It was perfect finger food for a cold, cold day.


Shelley was well loved by her guests. Someone made this sweet diaper snowman. Whatever ends up in those diapers, I hope doesn’t end up in any snowman I make.


This is Julie. Julie, Ashley and myself hosted the shower. They were so helpful, along with my friend Megan. I could not have done this alone. Julie was great, since she was willing to do all the corralling and talking. Being an introvert, that is my least favorite part of hosting.


My sister played this game at my shower. Everyone made a play-doh baby and Shelley voted for her favorite. Some were very life-like and some looked like worms and tadpoles.


Shelley’s sister was also great. She made cupcakes and cookies for everyone.



These are my wonderful roommates from college. We are missing one who lives in Canada. But it is very rare to get this many of us together at the same time. Love them!


There were a few other things I didn’t get any pictures of. Ashley brought onesies for everyone to paint for the baby. And I made a hot chocolate bar to warm everyone up for the cold day.

Overall I think it went pretty well.

One thought on “My First Baby Shower…as a hostess

  1. Sooo Cute Em!!! Love it! I love the party favor cookies! Darling decorations and the soup cup and sandwich is a perfect idea!
    Thanks for sharing

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