This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 7

This week was a bit rocky, with an end focus of celebrating our sweet Benjamin. Today, he turned 2. Now that he has become this little person, who remembers things, I wanted his birthday to be special. But as I was reminded this week, life is full of bumps and imperfections. The 24 hour stomach flu made it’s way through our family, from Benjamin, to me, to Kollin. Thankfully it spared Gilbert. But we came to almost canceling the party, to losing guests trying to avoid any leftover germs. I imagined it would be perfect and it wasn’t turning out that way. Unfortunately, with a family loss, I had to learn that perfect birthdays are not what are most important. Supportive, loving family is important.

Benjamin still received lots of love. All he needed was candles on a cake and his family (and maybe a new digger). This weeks pictures are Benjamin dominate, with one Gilbert photo. I can’t believe I have a 2 year old.

Benjamin had his first taste of eggnog. He loved it a little too much. But a day later he was throwing up. I’m not blaming the eggnog, but he won’t be drinking that for a long while.


Our tree is up and it’s this little man’s first Christmas.


When it comes to cake, my child has no patience. He’s yelling “caaaaake” here.


This little boy has been talking about blowing out candles on a cake for months and his moment was here. It took awhile, he worked so hard at it. I’m so glad my sister got it on film (maybe I will share it with you, it’s pretty funny). We put the candles on a cupcake so he wouldn’t blow any leftover germs on the cake.


These candles, we could not get him to blow out. I think he was reliving his party. Here he is saying “candles all gone.” Kollin finally had to blow out one of them.


Here we are, it’s a 9 days ’til Christmas and my goal is to slow down and focus on what is most important.

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