The Mama’s Christmas in 5 Photos (plus one): special edition

Just wanted to say a quick “Merry Christmas.” I seemed to have fallen off the blog map. With sickness, birthdays, more sickness and Christmas, the laptop has not spent anytime on the the old lap.

This season has been a very “Charlie Brown” season. The commercialism and greediness of Christmas had gotten to me. But thankfully I was frequently brought back to the true meaning of Christmas. Love, family, giving and a tiny baby who came here to be the light in a very dark world.

Amazingly enough, I chose pictures without any children. I thought I would share nuggets of my home this Christmas through the eyes of my little family.

My sister made the manger scene for Benjamin. I gave each piece to him as we got closer to Christmas. The first gift he unwrapped today was baby Jesus. Even though he’s two I want him to see the point of all the other gifts. Not sure if it stuck, but he is two.


Benjamin’s main gift was a DIY kitchen my husband and I made. More on that later. He loved it. If only we had the energy and creativity to give him a homemade gift every year.


Since I was a kid I have gotten a new ornament every year. I’m almost thirty and I still do it. This Christmas tree is my latest.


I hung these for the baby shower I hosted and I couldn’t bring myself to taking them down. They photograph well with my new camera lens…yep!


I love the way stockings look after they have been opened and piled up. It looks like the family has cozied up after they have hung apart from each other all season. My mom made all of them, she is the family’s resident stocking maker. Aren’t they bea-utiful?!


Another lovely reminder of the season. My friend Andrea and her husband made this card, it’ my favorite (homemade and personal). It made our way to the table as part of the centerpiece.


I hope you found a moment to breath in the season. And not the shopping, wrapping, go-go-go season, but the giving, loving, peace of the season. It’s hard to find amongst the sick kids, baked goods and Christmas outings. But if you pay attention it might just show it’s face.

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