This Mama’s Week in Photos: part 7

Half of this week was spent in 2013 and the last half was spent in 2014. Nothing really seems different except I got to put up the new calendar my mom got me from Rifle Paper Co. (soooo pretty). All I know is I am really glad to start a new week back in routine. Here is my week in photos. All baby pictures this week.

On New Year’s Eve our friends Ashley and Brady and their baby Ruby came over to hang out. This summer Ruby was much bigger than Gilbert now he looks like a monster next to her (check out that noggin). We are already planning the wedding. Ruby is a little more engaged in the relationship.


On Christmas Gilbert got his two front teeth. He is finally showing them off.


The sun has decided to come out the passed few days. So we bundled up and went to the park. This was Gilbert’s first ride facing forward.


This was also Gilbert’s first time on the swing. He was a little confused, but he was happy to have his brother next to him.


My little Cookie Monster.


I’m loving my new camera lens. We’ll see what else I can do with it.

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