The Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 8

What a strange week. It was filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. Really good days with the boys, and really not good days with the boys. Gilbert has been a great challenge to get to nap lately, he is so interested in the world he doesn’t want to close his eyes. So, I decided at the last second, this week would be the time to let him cry it out during his naps. There were days of success and days where I found myself a sweaty mess eating chocolate to cope with my baby’s cries. I was also planning Kollin’s 40th birthday party, which was supposed to be a surprise (and he was). I planned it during the Seahawk’s game. It worked out perfect, until we lost power at half time. Thankfully our neighbors across the street had power, so we made a very long extension cord and plugged it into their house. Everyone was happy (especially since the Hawks won). Again, a week of highs and lows.

Here is my week in 5 photos:

I am aware this is not a pretty picture. You are staring at a pack and play, air conditioner and paint tested walls. But in the the pack and play is my sad crying boy. I worry my weekly pictures make it look like my weeks are a breeze. They are not. This was very hard for me.


We had a play date with one of Benjamin’s favorite people. Her mom and I were friends as kids and they were born 3 weeks a part. I have never seen him play so comfortably with another child (besides his cousins). They were so cute together.


It’s not often I include pictures of myself in my blog, since I am the one behind the camera. But my dad insisted on taking my camera. However, I decided I really need more pictures of me with my children. I must train my husband how to use my camera.


In January, we light lots of candles. Christmas goes away and it’s dark outside, we need light! I pulled out all of my green and blue glassbabies in honor of our Seahawks. We had them lit during the game and they won. Now, superstitiously, I will light them for next week’s game against the 49ers.


Kollin, his boys, and his cake. Designing each other’s cakes has become a bit of a competition (see last year’s cake he did here). Thankfully the awesome people at Corina Bakery are so willing to work with us.

p.s. Note the yellow lines on the 40 yard line (even though it should just be one line).


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