DIY Play Kitchen: benjamin is cookin’

This year for Christmas we wanted to get Benjamin a play kitchen. Anytime we went somewhere with a play kitchen it was impossible to get Benjamin out of there. He loved them so much. He even created his own makeshift kitchen at his little table in our kitchen, pulling out my spoons, bowels, empty spices, and broken crayons (cookies, of course).

Instead of buying a plastic one we decided to make our own. Thanks to my favorite bloggers, Young House Love, they inspired our little kitchen. Pinterest had lots of ideas, but I loved the simplicity and realness of their creation. We did not take pictures of the process since Kollin was out in the dark, cold garage late at night. But if you want to see a step by step process, check out Young House Love’s here. They are the experts.

I just wanted to show off my husband’s craftiness. I will take credit for the aesthetics (painting and details, since that is my place of expertise. Here it is:

We used an old cabinet that goes above a microwave. We got it at Second Use in Seattle. We also got the faucet there. The sink/bowl is just a silver bowl from Fred Meyer, along with the oven rack. The knobs and red part of the stove are from the craft store. The trivet is from Bed Bath and Beyond, and the cabinet handles are from Lowes.



The knobs are not complete. We still have to add the part that turns. We just don’t have the right nails yet.


On the ceiling of the oven I put a closet dome light for the oven light.



For the hand towel I used a quarter square of fabric and hem tape.


My sister got him the play food from Melissa and Doug and the dishes are from RePlay.


This is the mess from day 1 with Benjamin and his kitchen. He is a messy cook…I don’t know where he gets it…..





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