My Grown-up List: turning 30…sigh


                         Me at age 3 ( think). Now multiply that by 10…oy!

In a couple weeks I am turning 30….sigh. I never thought this day would come. I still remember, as a kid, watching an episode of Full House where Danny Tanner was very depressed about turning 30. At the time I thought two things: 1.) He looks much older than 30 and 2.) Yea, 30 is really old. At the time I was 7, anything older than 12 seemed ancient. My mom and many others will just tell me, “Well, I wish I was 30.” I get it, 30 is young, but I think it’s the fact that the third decade of my life went much faster than the first two decades. And the fourth decade will probably go even faster. I don’t mean to depress anyone. This post isn’t about wallowing your sorrows in an entire pan of brownies crying over the fact that time just. won’t. stop. It’s about change. Like I said in last weeks post, the last few months have been a very transforming time for me, and I’m viewing 30 as a symbol of that transformation.

This year I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution. So I’m using 30 as an excuse to make some changes. Grown-up changes. Some are fluff and some deeper, more challenging changes. Here I go….

1.) Turn off the TV and read: Before kids I used to read before bed, but now I find my brain wanting to do very little work once bedtime rolls around. A couple times a week I hope to turn the TV off sooner (I really don’t need to watch that Friends rerun for the umpteenth time) and curl up in bed and open a book until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.

2.) Change my style: Not fashion wise, decorating. I like how I decorate, but I find myself falling back on the color schemes I loved in college. I was really into Moulin Rouge at the time, which meant bold yellows and reds. I think my style has changed and I find what I like now fighting those bold colors. I may have convinced my husband to paint our living room. I hope to share the makeover with you in a couple months.

3.) Be Calm: With my anxiety I find myself worrying about every little thing. And when you have kids your worries and fears multiply by 100 (per child, it’s a fact, really). I know this will not change overnight, but as I enter my 30s I hope to relax and trust in the Lord. We’ll see where I am with this at 39.

4.) Dance: I really like dancing and the best place to do it is in my house. I’m hoping my boys are a little more uninhibited than their dad and are willing to dance around the kitchen with me while I cook dinner.

5.) Become a Photographer: I’m trying to say it out loud as much as possible hoping one of these times I say it I might actually believe it is possible.

So there you have it….30 year old Emily. Do you have any big milestones around the corner? Or are there any declarations of change that you want to make?

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