This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 9 (capturing a moment)

I write this with my adrenaline pumping. Over the past 3 1/2 years of being married to a football fan I have developed a great fondness for the Seattle Seahawks. If you didn’t know, they just beat the 49ers, earning their way to the Super Bowl. The excitement of your team winning is awesome, but over the last week I have loved seeing the camaraderie amongst the 12th man. Everywhere you go people are decked out in blue and green. No matter our differences people seemed to have bonded over their love for the Seahawks. I had no idea football had that much power. I’m so excited we’ll have two more weeks of that leading up to the Super Bowl.

Anyway, the end of the game was a moment I wish I could have captured in a photo, but my camera did not quite do it’s job. However, after looking at my photos over the last week I realized I was doing more than taking pictures of my boys, I was capturing moments. I think that’s often what we are trying to do when taking pictures of our kids. And this week, as horribly hard as it was (full moon and January blues) I managed to capture some really sweet moments of my boys. I decided to make them black and white to focus on the moment rather than the image. Here you go:

One morning Benjamin came down and crawled right into the chair to read one of his many Richard Scarry books. He was so cute. I love that he can read with pictures now.


Gilbert LOVES his brother. If Benjamin is in the room, that is where his eyes are fixed. I had a pillow propped up against the coffee table so he wouldn’t topple over on it. Here he is trying to peer around it to see what big brother is doing.


One afternoon a little bit of sunshine peeked through the fog so we bundled up and went out to the backyard. Benjamin brought out his cars, of course. He loaded up his pick-up truck with dirt. His Mimi would be proud.


Gilbert got the Little People barn for Christmas.The boys were on either side playing with it. Benjamin actually asked for “Baby” to play with him this week. Love.


Gilbert has moved to Benjamin’s booster chair for mealtime. He looks so small in there compared to Benjamin. Kollin is making airplane sounds to get him to open his mouth.


Happy Day to you 12th Man!

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