This Mama’s Week in 10 Photos: part 10

Yes, 10 photos. I thought it was fitting to have 10 photos for part 10 of This Mama’s Week in Photos. The first half of the week I didn’t think I would have any photos, life seemed so slow and the January blues were taking charge. But, by Thursday I became camera happy. So here is my week:

I wanted to share what was going on just below the TV during the Seahawk game last Sunday. I love having little girls at my house. Not that I haven’t embraced cars and footballs.


Another escape outside trying to soak up the sun peeking through the January clouds. You may notice Benjamin’s shoes are on the wrong feet. I didn’t notice until we got outside and I didn’t have the energy to change them.


I’m playing with some different camera settings and started practice on these flowers. Lowering the ISO for more color and switching from FINE to RAW. Blah, Blah, Blah, boring I know, but I see a difference since making the change.


Gilbert wanted to make sure you knew that the SEAHAWKS are going to the SUPER BOWL!


This was all Benjamin’s idea. He said, “Benmen on garbage can. Gerbert on garbage can.”


I never had a chance to take a picture of Benjamin’s first two haircuts since I was alone and he was climbing me. But Kollin came this time. He had finally calmed down at this point, thank you Thomas the Train.


We took a Saturday trip to the zoo. I think God really took his time when creating the peacock, as opposed to the worm.


One of Benjamin’s favorite thing is throwing rocks in the water….looooves it.


Just today I am realizing how much this little guy has grown. I can’t believe he is almost 8 months.


Remember the maternity shoot I did of my friends Shelley and Brett (here and here)? Well baby Claire arrived this week. I am lucky enough to have see her twice. She is so sweet and might I say the most beautiful lips I’ve ever seen. We are going to wait until she is a little older for her photo shoot.


I’ll have more photos next Sunday after the Seahawks win the Super Bowl (fingers and toes crossed)!

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