This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 11

I thought I would do this early since we might be too busy celebrating after the Seahawks win today (yes I am being hasty, but today is my 30th birthday, it only seems right).

This week was rough. For three days Mr. Benjamin was going through a growth spurt or something. It was tantrum after tantrum. Then Thursday he was suddenly calm. Toddlers are almost as confusing as boys. Then Friday we got a sick baby. We had to cut, one of our first dates in a long time, short because he was so miserable.  So, I think I tell you all of this to say, my photos this week are pretty piddly. There was not a lot of thought, effort or time put into them. But this is my week.

We moved our room downstairs and now the boys think it’s their second play room.


Sweet Gilbert playing in our bed.


Green and blue glassybabies, flowers and toes. This is how I embrace football.


I went up to check on Benjamin last night and found him hugging Elmo, so cute. I couldn’t catch the light on his face but you can see Elmo and Cookie Monster.


This is how I decorate for Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl. I think I made it work!


Not super exciting, but that’s real life for you. See you on the other side of the game!

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