This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 12

It’s been a busy weekend for my camera. I have been working on some newborn photos I did for a friend and I almost forgot to write this post. I’ll making it short. I will just say it was a tough week for Gilbert, but he emerged with 4 new teeth…whew! Here is my week:

Did I say it? I said it would happen. The Seahawks won the Super Bowl!!! My family came over for my birthday. We had a lot to celebrate.


We had the very dumb idea of going to the Seahawk’s Parade. Kollin was trying to figure out the best mode of transportation to get there. Thanks to a full parking lot at the bus depot we went home. I’m glad we did, two boys in the cold for hours would have been foolish. I also wanted to share the decorating changes happening in our room. It makes me happy (I know, I’m weird).


The boys bathe in different baths at the same time so there haven’t been any photos of Gilbert in the bath. We double teamed this week and I finally got a few.


There has been a lot of tower building this week. There has also been a lot of tower knocking down this week.


It’s February and we finally got some snow. It’s not an artistic picture, but I actually got this kid to smile directly at the camera. I love it.


p.s. Do you like Benjamin’s hat? My friend Teresa made one for Benjamin and Gilbert, specially for the Seahawks. You can visit her etsy site here.

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