This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 13

This week’s post almost didn’t happen. I had an 8 month old taking a 30 minute second nap that took an hour of crying to happen. And I had a 2 year old digging his heels into the terrible twos. I was so exhausted from the sleepless baby and the tantrums I only picked up the camera three times this week. But my sister encouraged me to continue on when she sent me 5 photos from her week….in the middle of the night. I asked her if I could just use hers, but she said, “no.” So I extended the week since it was a long weekend and got two shots  today. Benjamin is the star of the week, he is making great efforts to run the household and make his power known. We are holding strong, but not without being trapped in moments of feeling, “I DON”T KNOW WHAT TO DO!” Don’t let those sweet cheeks and doe eyes fool you, he is a true two year old. But I love my two year old. Here is my week:

After having a baby we found ourselves eating at 8 o’clock. But lately we have been trying to eat all together. Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes not. Here is the loose cannon who decides how nice our meal will be.


This was Benjamin’s first time painting. We painted picture frames for Kollin’s Valentine gift. He loved painting.


I had to get Benjamin outside. We lucked out with a little sun and my mom came with us to the waterfront. This boy loves throwing rocks in the water. Gilbert can’t wait to join him.


Benjamin had two favorite objects this week; his red rain boots and his teddy bear. He loves that he can put on his own shoes and he treats the bear like it’s his baby. Today he was reading to his teddy bear in his boots.

In the words of my brother in-law and Ted from How I Met Your Mother, “pulling them off!”


Spring cannot get here fast enough. Benjamin is so much happier outside. I planted some late daffodil bulbs while Benjamin loaded and unloaded his dump truck with rocks.


Pray for me this week. I’m hoping it’s better.

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