This Mama’s Week in Photos: part 15

I feel like every post I have made for the last few weeks I have talked about how awful the week is. They aren’t awful, just challenging. Well, this week was again very challenging. We started out really well, but Tuesday afternoon it went down hill. Benjamin caught a bug from a kid a MOPS (moms of preschoolers)…which then Gilbert caught a mild case of it. It was a week of sleep deprived parents and cranky, sick children. Not to mention Gilbert tumbled off our bed…on my watch. Talk about mother’s guilt. One positive is that I met with a photographer (lady and a gent) I went to high school with and she gave my some great resources. I was encouraged to hear that I’m not the only one who started from scratch.

Here is my week:

Tuesday morning we made cookies to pass the time while Gilbert napped before going on a chilly play date at the waterfront. Note the sugar around the red boots. He tends to dump the ingredients towards himself.


Here is Mr. 103 Fever. This is the best he looked that day after having a nap and a little ibuprofen. He watched more TV than we want, but it keeps a sick kid happy.


The next day I thought fresh air might benefit these sick boys so we bundled up and went to Pt. Defiance Park. This is how Gilbert feels about winter. Disapproval.


We wandered the rose garden where Benjamin sat down to have his lunch. When I look at this picture I am amazed to see how big he is getting.


On Friday I thought he was better so we went to my moms. But, he ended up throwing up from coughing so hard. For a peace of mind we went to the doctor. The doctor prescribed popsicles to help with hydration. I think this is his favorite medicine.


Today, I think we are all finally on the mend. Fingers crossed. Spring is coming!

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