This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 17

What a difference a week makes. The sun came out, Benjamin got to play with some buddies, the boys were happy and Benjamin started sleeping in his big boy bed! I am grateful!

This happened! The sun came out and the shoes came off outside. I love spring!


We spent two afternoons in the backyard. I got some awesome pictures of Benjamin actually looking at the camera. But I’m saving those for our walls and not the internet. This Mama isn’t sharing….sorry.


We went for a walk with Benjamin’s friend D, and her Mama (my friend). He loves his buddy, they are just 3 weeks apart.


This little guy started pulling himself up on things. But he likes to choose the worst places…the oven, a spindly metal floor lamp. He’s such a dare devil.


Gilbert was dedicated at church today! This is our first family picture in a long time.









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