This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 18

I don’t know if it’s the change in weather, the fact that we had family visit last weekend, my parenting is off, or Benjamin is just being 2, but we had a rough week. Benjamin has been very cranky and emotional. Then I feel overwhelmed when the grocery clerk says she thought 2 was bad until her son turned 3….sigh…The hope of long warm mornings spent at the park this summer keep me moving forward. Here is my week:

Someone else in this family is showing an interest in photography. This is his first attempt at a selfie.


My mom makes a quilt of each grandchild. She brought over Gilbert’s finished quilt this week, it matches his eyes. I can’t believe he will be 10 months this next week.

Benjamin had his first trip to the dentist this week. He was not pleased, however, he LOVED the guitar.


Benjamin has officially been in his big boy bed/room for a week. Fingers crossed it continues.


We celebrated my brother’s 39th birthday yesterday. I’m looking forward to celebrating the first anniversary of his 39th birthday next year. Next year is the second anniversary of my 29th.


That’s my week….I hope to survive the next.

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