This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos + 1: part 19

My goal last week was to survive this week. Well I’m here, I can say that. Just a little sleep deprived. Instead of complain I will share these photos of my beautiful (and exhausting) boys.

Don’t let that smile fool you. This mischievous boy started pulling himself up this week, which means he wanted to practice morning, noon and night. Oy!



This is the tail end of my week’s highlight. Benjamin played peekaboo with Gilbert behind the curtain. They went back and forth pulling at the curtain and then cracking up. It was so sweet. It’s not the best photo, but I didn’t want to miss a moment to get the camera.



This little boy is becoming quite the music man. He has been singing a lot lately. It’s a phase I hope never ends.



Gilbert took his first bath in the big tub this week. Big brother even tolerated all the splashing. p.s. Kollin took this photo.



We had to get out of our house this week after all the rain. So we took the light rail to the Children’s Museum. Benjamin loves trains right now, which made for a good day.



I did a plus one this week, because THIS boy get’s left out of my week a lot. Kollin and I tried to go on a late night date. But we go out so little we forget that everyone goes out on a Saturday. So, instead of a fancy restaurant that needed reservations we went to Shake Shake Shake, a burger/malt shop….fancy, I know.



Okay, so it’s hard to accomplish a whole lot lately so I am going to share ONE goal I want to achieve each week and let you know how it goes next Sunday. That way, I HAVE TO DO IT. My goal is to move Gilbert out of our room and into the nursery. Here we go.

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