This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 22

Hmmmm….I’m not sure what to say about this week. Many ups and downs, I didn’t really even pick up my camera until the rental camera arrived. The photos are all from this weekend. Here is my week:

This little man is 11 months! Wow!


This is how they feel about Frozen. I may have influenced it a bit. Don’t worry, I didn’t let Gilbert continue to watch.


The beautiful dogwood that bloomed in our front yard this week.


This is Benjamin, the escape artist. He loves to sneak out into the front yard. This was an allowed sneak out.


Benjamin’s buddy, Jacob, has his birthday party this weekend. I could not get either one of them to look at me. Jacob was really into his new toy and Benjamin sees me with a camera enough.


Sunshine this week!

Nicole & David: Seattle Maternity Photographer

I had my very first photo shoot in Seattle this weekend. My friend Nicole and her husband David were coming up from Oregon for a birthday and so we arranged to do maternity pictures the same day. They were so great to let me do this. I even rented a camera I am (maybe) hoping to buy in the future. I often find myself drooling over other photographer’s work and I couldn’t figure why my picture quality didn’t look as crisp as theirs. Then I discovered they were using full frame cameras. So, I have made it my mission, via craiglist selling, to earn enough money to buy a full frame camera. I thought I would try a few different models/brands out. So we rented the Nikon D610. It makes such a difference in the photos, but I want to try the D700 and the Canon 5D Mark iii before making any decisions.

Anyway that was a long tangent. Here is Nicole and David (and their sweet baby girl). We did the photo shoot down by the pier in Seattle, since that’s where they had their first date. They were very fun to shoot.

Nicole and David01

Nicole and David02

Nicole and David1

Nicole and David05

Nicole and David03

Nicole and David06

Nicole and David07

Nicole and David08

Nicole and David09

Nicole and David10

Nicole and David11

They were so sweet to buy me flowers as a thank you.
Nicole and David12

Nicole and David13

Nicole and David14

This Mama’s Easter in 5 Photos (+ one): special edition

I barely took a single picture all week, so I thought I would write a post from our Easter since they’re are more than enough pictures.  We had a pretty nice Easter, but I think Benjamin could have gone without any chocolate. Here is our Easter:

Since I was very pregnant last Easter we didn’t color eggs with Benjamin, so this was his first time dying eggs. He loved it, but by the end one of his hands look like the wicked witch of the west.


We celebrate Easter on Saturday with my family, which made for a rainy Easter egg hunt. I think if you took off their raincoats and boots they would look like a J Crew ad. Perla has the serious model face and Benjamin has that aloof cool dude face.


Benjamin and Perla climbed in my parents bed before we left. They were so funny to watch, tickling, snuggling and tackling each other.


Every Easter our church does a flowering of the cross. It’s a great reminder of new life.


Easter egg hunt number 2. Gilbert was his only competition, so he made away like a bandit.


Benjamin got this wagon for his first birthday. We finally used it today on a walk around the neighborhood. This is the only photo Gilbert made it in, he’s been a grumpy teether with a cold this weekend.


That’s our Easter.

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

This Mama’s Week in 8 Photos: part 21

That’s right…8 photos. I’ve reached the 20 mark for these posts, so I think it’s okay to break the routine. Plus, I couldn’t resist sharing all 8. My week was same old, same old. I have a baby on the move and a 2 year old in need of my attention then I can’t always give him. But we had some good moments in between. Here is our week:

Benjamin went to daycare one day this week. So it was just me and this little guy. I think he was surprised he was getting so much attention. He talked more and moved less (there was no one to chase).


Benjamin didn’t nap at daycare. He crashed that night.


We went to been the spring fair. Benjamin had been talking about riding horses since he saw the senior pictures I took with the horse. So, when we saw the opportunity to ride a pony we couldn’t pass it up. He had this face most of the time, but he loved it. I was so proud of how brave he was.


We don’t usually feed our kid cheeseburgers, but we learned last week that he liked him, so we tried again. He ate 3 bites and the the bun.


A beautiful Sunday evening at the waterfront. I love these boys.




Monday, today, was also beautiful and my sister is on spring break, so we went to Owen’s Beach. The waterfront is much more fun with cousins. Let’s just say he didn’t want to leave.



Senior Photos: Sara

Remember those rainy day senior photos I did about a month ago (here) for my cousin Sara? Well, we finally found a dry, sunny day to do the official photos. Okay, I shouldn’t have favorites, but….this was my favorite photo shoot so far. I think, because it was one on one (yes, I’m an introvert) and we had no audience or public spectators walking by. We were both able to let down and have fun.  I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites…the lowest I could get it to was 18. Here is my beautiful cousin Sara.
























I had so much fun doing these. If you are interested in getting your senior photos done you can contact me at


This Mama’s Week in 9 photos (yes 9!): part 20

My 2 year old is asserting his independence and my 10 month old is pulling up on EVERYTHING and climbing stairs. Can you blame me for being two days late? This week and last week might just be a combination. So here is my week. They’re certainly cute, but they know how to where me down.

Painting is serious business!


I can’t turn on Elmo when Gilbert is in the room because he plants himself like this two feet from the TV. Benjamin is still not that interested in the TV.


Benjamin discovered his pockets this week. We try to discourage him from walking down the stairs with his hands in his pockets…yikes!


They are the sweetest when they are asleep. I love the arms behind the head.


We went to the Daffodil Parade with my sister and her family. Once the cannons went by Benjamin warmed up. Obviously Kollin took this one.


I think this kid might join the marching band….he loves drums.


This is how we are greeted in the morning now. Yes, he is still in our room, but Benjamin has needed the crib a few times he’s tried to exit his bed during nap time.


We showed Benjamin a few pictures of Kollin when he was a toddler. Benjamin was sure they were him. I think if you showed this to two year old Kollin, he would be sure this was him.


Next to doors, the remote control and his brother’s hair, this is Gilbert’s favorite toy.



The only goal this week is patience.