This Mama’s Week in 9 photos (yes 9!): part 20

My 2 year old is asserting his independence and my 10 month old is pulling up on EVERYTHING and climbing stairs. Can you blame me for being two days late? This week and last week might just be a combination. So here is my week. They’re certainly cute, but they know how to where me down.

Painting is serious business!


I can’t turn on Elmo when Gilbert is in the room because he plants himself like this two feet from the TV. Benjamin is still not that interested in the TV.


Benjamin discovered his pockets this week. We try to discourage him from walking down the stairs with his hands in his pockets…yikes!


They are the sweetest when they are asleep. I love the arms behind the head.


We went to the Daffodil Parade with my sister and her family. Once the cannons went by Benjamin warmed up. Obviously Kollin took this one.


I think this kid might join the marching band….he loves drums.


This is how we are greeted in the morning now. Yes, he is still in our room, but Benjamin has needed the crib a few times he’s tried to exit his bed during nap time.


We showed Benjamin a few pictures of Kollin when he was a toddler. Benjamin was sure they were him. I think if you showed this to two year old Kollin, he would be sure this was him.


Next to doors, the remote control and his brother’s hair, this is Gilbert’s favorite toy.



The only goal this week is patience.


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