This Mama’s Week in 8 Photos: part 21

That’s right…8 photos. I’ve reached the 20 mark for these posts, so I think it’s okay to break the routine. Plus, I couldn’t resist sharing all 8. My week was same old, same old. I have a baby on the move and a 2 year old in need of my attention then I can’t always give him. But we had some good moments in between. Here is our week:

Benjamin went to daycare one day this week. So it was just me and this little guy. I think he was surprised he was getting so much attention. He talked more and moved less (there was no one to chase).


Benjamin didn’t nap at daycare. He crashed that night.


We went to been the spring fair. Benjamin had been talking about riding horses since he saw the senior pictures I took with the horse. So, when we saw the opportunity to ride a pony we couldn’t pass it up. He had this face most of the time, but he loved it. I was so proud of how brave he was.


We don’t usually feed our kid cheeseburgers, but we learned last week that he liked him, so we tried again. He ate 3 bites and the the bun.


A beautiful Sunday evening at the waterfront. I love these boys.




Monday, today, was also beautiful and my sister is on spring break, so we went to Owen’s Beach. The waterfront is much more fun with cousins. Let’s just say he didn’t want to leave.



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