This Mama’s Easter in 5 Photos (+ one): special edition

I barely took a single picture all week, so I thought I would write a post from our Easter since they’re are more than enough pictures.  We had a pretty nice Easter, but I think Benjamin could have gone without any chocolate. Here is our Easter:

Since I was very pregnant last Easter we didn’t color eggs with Benjamin, so this was his first time dying eggs. He loved it, but by the end one of his hands look like the wicked witch of the west.


We celebrate Easter on Saturday with my family, which made for a rainy Easter egg hunt. I think if you took off their raincoats and boots they would look like a J Crew ad. Perla has the serious model face and Benjamin has that aloof cool dude face.


Benjamin and Perla climbed in my parents bed before we left. They were so funny to watch, tickling, snuggling and tackling each other.


Every Easter our church does a flowering of the cross. It’s a great reminder of new life.


Easter egg hunt number 2. Gilbert was his only competition, so he made away like a bandit.


Benjamin got this wagon for his first birthday. We finally used it today on a walk around the neighborhood. This is the only photo Gilbert made it in, he’s been a grumpy teether with a cold this weekend.


That’s our Easter.

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

One thought on “This Mama’s Easter in 5 Photos (+ one): special edition

  1. We were in Arizona for Spring Break and I missed the Easter photos, so I am just now seeing them. So cute!! They are precious! Beautiful cross at church!

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