Nicole & David: Seattle Maternity Photographer

I had my very first photo shoot in Seattle this weekend. My friend Nicole and her husband David were coming up from Oregon for a birthday and so we arranged to do maternity pictures the same day. They were so great to let me do this. I even rented a camera I am (maybe) hoping to buy in the future. I often find myself drooling over other photographer’s work and I couldn’t figure why my picture quality didn’t look as crisp as theirs. Then I discovered they were using full frame cameras. So, I have made it my mission, via craiglist selling, to earn enough money to buy a full frame camera. I thought I would try a few different models/brands out. So we rented the Nikon D610. It makes such a difference in the photos, but I want to try the D700 and the Canon 5D Mark iii before making any decisions.

Anyway that was a long tangent. Here is Nicole and David (and their sweet baby girl). We did the photo shoot down by the pier in Seattle, since that’s where they had their first date. They were very fun to shoot.

Nicole and David01

Nicole and David02

Nicole and David1

Nicole and David05

Nicole and David03

Nicole and David06

Nicole and David07

Nicole and David08

Nicole and David09

Nicole and David10

Nicole and David11

They were so sweet to buy me flowers as a thank you.
Nicole and David12

Nicole and David13

Nicole and David14

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