This Mama’s Week in 5 Photos: part 22

Hmmmm….I’m not sure what to say about this week. Many ups and downs, I didn’t really even pick up my camera until the rental camera arrived. The photos are all from this weekend. Here is my week:

This little man is 11 months! Wow!


This is how they feel about Frozen. I may have influenced it a bit. Don’t worry, I didn’t let Gilbert continue to watch.


The beautiful dogwood that bloomed in our front yard this week.


This is Benjamin, the escape artist. He loves to sneak out into the front yard. This was an allowed sneak out.


Benjamin’s buddy, Jacob, has his birthday party this weekend. I could not get either one of them to look at me. Jacob was really into his new toy and Benjamin sees me with a camera enough.


Sunshine this week!

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