The Tired Mama’s 2 Weeks in 7 Photos: part 23

Happy Mother’s Day to All!

I haven’t done a post for awhile and I wasn’t going to this week either, but with a kind nudge from my cousin and an encouraging Mother’s Day gift from my husband I decided you would get 7 photos from the last two weeks. I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall with photography. Every time I turn around I feel discouraged. So instead of let the discouragement bring me down I will share the few pictures I’ve had the energy to take. Pictures have also been minimal because my boys are H-A-R-D. Gilbert is into everything and Benjamin is so impulsive. I’m learning with boys there is a lot of destructive energy in my house.

Here is my week:

Benjamin needs to have a dandelion in his hand whenever he is outside. It serves as his microphone while he walks around singing “Let it Co (Go)” and his own made up music. This particular dandelion ended up getting eaten….oy!


My sweet nephew James turned one last week. Thanks goodness for big sisters to help out.


Benjamin suddenly has a new interest in the rocking horse that has been in his room for the past year. He calls it Cinnamon, the name of the pony he rode at the fair. He also reenacts the horse scenes from Frozen, saying “Frozen does that.”


My sister’s birthday this weekend. There are those helpful girls again, helping their Dad artistically arrange the candles to look like a castle.


I don’t know what it is but I loooove pictures of people blowing out their candles.


This little guy is such a dare devil. I’m afraid he may be my ER kid. That egg on his head is the result of two separate head bonks. Earlier this week he was standing Benjamin’s two garage and town, with a foot on each one so he could stand next to his brother. This kid has no fears.


We went down to Ruston Way for a Mother’s Day picnic. It was this photo that made me decide I should write a post for the week. I’m no longer the mother of babies, but now also the mother of a little boy.


One thought on “The Tired Mama’s 2 Weeks in 7 Photos: part 23

  1. So cute!!! Thank you for mustering up the energy to post we all look forward to seeing your pics each week. They are so darling Em! The forecast is for some warm and sunny days ahead, I love that Benjamin has to have a dandelion with him at all times outside, you will probably have a lot of dandelions with the sun this week 🙂 I hope you had a nice Mothers Day with those cuties!

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