This Slacker Mama’s 3 Weeks in 16 Photos: part 24

Hello Stranger! Yes, it has been a looooong time since I’ve posted my week in 5 photos. I’m sure you all have been wondering where I’ve been (Mom and Anne). I will be straight with you. I went to my first photography workshop 3 weeks ago. It was fantastic, and I hope to write more about that soon. I had a wonderful time, I learned so much and I met a lot of great photographers/people. However when you meet people who do what you do it’s hard not to compare. So I went into hiding and fearing posting anything, thinking my photos just don’t cut it.

But, after talking to some really encouraging people this last week and watching Brene Brown’s TED talk about vulnerability (highly recommend it), I am back. Even if my photos are not up to par or I feel insecure about them I am going to allow myself to vulnerable and share my photos again. Good things can come from allowing yourself to be vulnerable (like meeting my dear husband). So here is my past 3 weeks…

I think we have a musician on our hands, no joke. He is constantly singing and loves guitars. This was our $12 goodwill find. Thank goodness we found a smaller toy guitar at our neighbor’s garage sale. The big one was scratching our floors.


This was not the greatest lighting, but for moments like these, lighting does not matter.


So….I guess boys like to wrestle. I don’t get it, it gives me a bit of a heart attack. But it can also be very cute.


The next 3 photos are of Gilbert on his first birthday. I think they capture the little personality coming out of him at one year old.  My silly boy.


My dare devil. This child always has some sort of injury on his body.


My sweet, happy boy. His smile kills me.


Summer is almost  here and there have been lots of trips to the park. You always need a Target sticker and a baby at the park. Again…my boys’ smiles kill me.


We celebrated my friend Annie and her soon arriving baby last weekend. I love dessert shots (fewer calories).


Another shot from the baby shower. These are the beautiful women from our community group, going on 5 years (I think).


We found Benjamin’s sunglasses we lost last summer. They then had to be passed around.



My niece had her 3rd birthday last week. Can you guess the theme? My sister made it look so sweet. She made the cake toppers herself.


Yes, another “blowing out the candles” photo….I can’t resist.


Gilbert did not care for the cake at his birthday, but he cannot get enough ice cream. His eyes seem to be saying, “back off.”


In another year, these cousins could be double trouble. And I’m afraid my child will be the leader.


GIlbert got this car from my parents for his birthday. He loooooves it. So does his brother…..


That’s my 3 weeks. I didn’t share any photos from Gilbert’s birthday party, I will do that in a separate post. Hope to see you soon!

2 thoughts on “This Slacker Mama’s 3 Weeks in 16 Photos: part 24

  1. Just what I needed this morning! A long little glass bluebird to make me laugh and smile and cry a little.

  2. I was missing your photos and comments my little glass bluebird cousin, so cute, love seeing those darling kids and all of your activities! Thanks for posting Em!

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