This Mama’s 2 Week in 10 Photos: part 25

I said I would keep up on my week’s in 5 photos, but I have a very good excuse for missing last week. I had two sick boys, not sleeping well at night or napping during the day. I didn’t have a lot of moments to write and if I did I was wiped out. But as I sit here on Monday evening watching the Bachelorette (yes, it’s a guilty pleasure. who loves the farmer?), I have time. Here is my last 2 weeks in 10 photos, enjoy:

When Benjamin was one we had to work so hard to convince him to play at the park. But when you have a big brother, like Gilbert does, we run crawl all over the place. Here is Mr. G exploring Ft. Steilacoom Park.

2014-06-23_0001.jpg Benjamin has discovered balls, soccer, basket, bouncy balls, you name it. We spent many nights in the backyard throwing balls around.
2014-06-23_0002.jpgDada makes throwing the soccer ball around, much more fun than I do. He is loved by these boys.
2014-06-23_0003.jpgThis boy cracks me up. He wants to do whatever his brother is doing.
2014-06-23_0004.jpgBenjamin has also been “climbing” our tree. If you have seen Frozen, which we’ve seen a lot of. It’s similar to Anna climbing the mountain. Benjamin thought he was so high, when he was on the top of the roots.
2014-06-23_0005.jpgLast Saturday I ran the Sound to Narrows (for the 4th time) with my old college roommates. The 3 of us stuck together since we all pushed babies out of us the last year and were sympathetic with one another if one of us needed to walk.
2014-06-23_0006.jpgFather’s Day at my parents house. Gilbert loves his Mimi. He lets very few people hold him willingly. She is one of them.
2014-06-23_0007.jpgOkay…this kid….sigh. He keeps me on my toes. He couldn’t just stand at the dishwasher, but he needed to try to get in.
2014-06-23_0008.jpgWe had a busy weekend of a wedding and birthday. Benjamin and Gilbert have a lot of girl cousins, they are everywhere. Seeing these sisters play together makes me so glad my boys are so close in age.
2014-06-23_0009.jpgThe boys were so tired they slept past the start of church. So we went to the beach for a little picnic. Gilbert has moved on from tackling his big brother to tackling his Dada. What’s next?!
2014-06-23_0010.jpgThat’s my last two weeks for ya! I hope to be sharing some interesting photography news with you soon. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “This Mama’s 2 Week in 10 Photos: part 25

  1. Great photos Em! Love seeing you and the girls at the run too! I am excited about your photography news 🙂 I like Nick on the Bachelorette 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your weeks pics.

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