Photography Dreams: moving forward

Hello Dear Friends,

So last week I said I would share some photography news with you. My parents thought it was a new camera…sigh…if only. Actually, this week I will be sharing my spankin’ new business name and website. I really am hoping to build some sort of business out of this passion of min. Whether it be big or small, I just want to keep doing it, I love shooting. It gives me SO MUCH joy.

Unfortunately I have to go back to work this fall, so I thought, if I wanted to start my business, it would be smart to knock out the website before teacher mode set in. I still have some tweaking to do, so I will share the website and business name with you later this week.

One of the biggest things that’s been holding me back from trying the business thing is equipment. I love my little Nikon D3200, but it’s not a full frame. I know better photos require learning and experience, but I can see a clear difference in full frame photos. I will keep shooting til I can afford the camera.

With that said, this explains the photo below. I am trying to win the Nikon D800 (FULL FRAME!!!) throughout SnapKnot’s giveaway. I get many more entries if I share this photo with you. But it also speaks a lot of truth about how I feel about photography.

<div style=”clear:both”><a href=””><img src=”; title=”SnapKnot” alt=”SnapKnot” border=”0″ /></a></div><div>Courtesy of: <a href=””>SnapKnot</a></div&gt;

Thanks for the encouragement friends!

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