Elspeth Loves Photography: my baby

Okay, I’m finally doing this. I have put it off, and avoided it too long. I told a friend, who has been supporting me in this, I would share this today. It’s 9pm, I’ve put it off long enough. But I’m ready to share.


As I said in the previous post (I didn’t share on Facebook because I’m chicken) I am starting a photography business. Wow, that was hard to write! I wanted to use words like, hope, try or might start a business. But I said it, I AM starting a business. I don’t know what will come of it, but I am trusting in God’s whispers and going for it.

Today is the start of my last full month I have with my boys before I return to work. My time off has allowed me to not only soak up so much time with my boys, but I have also discovered photography. Photography has been so good for me. It’s allowed me to be the artist that I am, I feel heard through my photos, and it’s something I get to do just for me (which is hard as a mom, wife and teacher).

So meet my baby…Elspeth Loves Photography…my new business. You can visit my website to learn about the name and my vision. elspethlovesphotography.com

Here I go……2014-05-31_0016On a side note Little Glass Bluebird isn’t go anywhere. I still like to write (when I have a chance). I I hope to share my artsty adventures with you (which was the original purpose of this blog. But the Facebook page is changing for those who follow me.

I also want to credit the AWESOME photos above to my mentor Moch of Jon and Moch Photography. She did my head shots for the website and generously offered family photos too.